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Environmental Home Improvement

Green Construction and Green Home Remodeling Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area with Healthy Homes!

Home Performance Testing

Our home performance testing (or diagnostic energy audit), is a unique service that evaluates your home’s energy efficiency, as well as your HVAC system.

Our technicians conduct a detailed survey of your home using advanced diagnostic testing equipment to determine what problems may exist, and where your energy dollars are being wasted.

We then provide a list of cost-effective improvements specific to your home and lifestyle.  

Health and Safety Inspections

We’ll find and fix conditions causing mold, dust, pollen, gas leaks, indoor air pollution, steamy windows and uneven temperatures.

A home that operates at peak performance for energy efficiency, comfort and safety is simply worth more. Your utility bills will bear witness to the value of the upgrades you've installed. And a cleaner, fresher-smelling home makes a great first impression.

Lead Paint and Asbestos Testing

Our Asbestos and Lead testing team has the necessary experience, credentials and insurance to ensure that projects of any size are performed safely, legally and cost effectively.

Real Estate Inspections

If you are buying, selling, building, remodeling, upgrading or repairing a property; we provide a variety of impartial inspection services for almost every need and purpose. We offer an overall inspection of an entire property, as well as an in-depth inspection of a specific system or component.

Our inspectors adhere to the nationally recognized standards of the Home Inspection Industry, and conducts all business in a professional, and safe manner.