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Healthy Construction Specialist

B.A. Chemistry • Cont. Lic. #B695275

I'm Larry Byrnes, the owner and founder of Environmental Home Improvement. I received a B.A. degree in Chemistry from Southern Illinois University, and a UCLA Hazardous Materials Management Certificate. I use this knowledge, and my California State Contractor's license, to specialize in green construction.

I worked for 20 years in aerospace and microelectronics, supplying high purity water systems, clean rooms, LED's, and EMF control. With this industrial experience, and my scientific and firsthand knowledge of what is functional and effective in home products, I build and remodel green. Not the rampant “green wash” hype so common today, but safe and efficient green construction.

Environmental Home Improvement (EHI), my company, specializes in healthy home remodeling. We remodel and rebuild existing homes in the Los Angeles area using healthy materials and building practices while minimizing the negative impacts on your health and the environment during the construction process.

My first mentor was Buckminster Fuller who developed a holistic system approach to construction. I fully embrace a holistic system approach to create beautiful, functional and healthy homes for my clients.

In addition to green construction, I've been an environmentalist since the 1960's, and a committed user of alternative medicine. I've used Traditional Chinese Medicine and energy healing for 35 years, as well as, practiced Taiji for 18 years.

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